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Do tablets suffer from electromagnetical fields?

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Do tablets suffer from electromagnetical fields?

I saw a pair of headphones over my Wacom tablet today and I started wandering about wether or not electromagnetical fields affect the durability and reliability of tablets. Maybe it's safer not to keep them close to monitors, TV sets, CPUs, microphones, etc... or not?


funny you should mention that! Not long ago i had a problem with my cursor going all weird on me - like shaking furiously around the screen. I use an A4 oversize wacom tablet. I re-installed the drivers thinking that might help, gave all the troubleshooting a whirl but the one thing i didn't think of trying was simply moving my tablet away from the monitor - Boom! problem solved.

On that evidence i would say there is almost definately some kind of interference from the electromagnetical fields generated from the ole crt's.

Whether or not it affects the life of a tablet or not....dunno!


your cursor will wig out like that when your tablet is too close to a VGA monitor. I would definitely say that though it most likely wouldn't permenantly screw up your tablet that there can be some interference relating to EMF.

If you find you're having the same problem Gav is having just pull your tablet away from your monitor and see if it persists.

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