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Starting a new half hour film

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Starting a new half hour film

Hey all, I had no luck on the Show and Tell forum so i'll try here:
I'm starting on a new half hour to forty min presentation of "A Christmas Carol" set in modern times. I am animating it completely in Photoshop and I will be working a good 8-10 weeks on it depending how long it takes to animate ,how long it takes to record the voices, and how good my grades are. I am really hoping this movie will be my best yet and I plan to make more half hour films after this if this one goes well. When it is released it will be released in four or five divided parts and I will make a downloadable full version. I will be launching a preview in a week or two. I am hoping it will be done by February and I hope you all will watch it! I know A Christmas Carol has been done a whole lot but I think this will provide a good challenge for me. I will post pictures and stuff later.


Writer: Myself

Director: Myself

Producer: Myself

Animation: Myself

Brad Ramsey as: Scrooge

Myself as: Scrooge's nephew, Marley, Misc. characters

Christmas Past: Unknown

Christmas Present: Unknown but probably Mr. Ramsey or myself

Bob Cratchit: Myself

Tiny Tim: Unknown

Misc. Voices: Myself and others
Charcter Design: Nicole Snellings (designer for Past, Present, and Future), and myself
There is a whole lot of work going into this project and I hope you all will watch and enjoy it! What I have done so far is looking very good and the voices I have so far a sounding great.

Wish me luck!