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Balancing on ball

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Balancing on ball

Hey everyone, this is my first post on this site. This is an animation of a bug climbing on a ball, balancing, then falling off. Lemme know what ya think and feel free to critique it if you'd like, thanks :).

Pretty darn good, I think.
If you are going to keep the soccer patern on the ball then have it squash. If you keep the animation the same on the ball you may want to make it a bowling ball because that's how i presently feels. You may want to have the arms as they try to right his balance swing circularly ,but not twin (vary tiiming and position), as a secondary motion...and counter to the direction he is falling until gravity wins. Move his feet while on the ball slightly. It is our intuition when we start falling in forward to put a foot out forward to stop the fall, for example.
Still, pretty darn good imo.

Hey Graphiteman, many thanks for the critiques. I tried to use squash and stretch with the soccer ball, but ran into a minor parenting problem, so for now i've replaced it with a bowling ball for effect. I did some work on the overlapping action on the arms, still needs work i think though, and the fall is improving somewhat too i think.

Critiques are always welcome of course hehe :).