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need advice for computer animation

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need advice for computer animation

I have an uncle who works in computers (he's quite good with them) and desires to learn computer animation on the side. If anyone knows of a book or books perhaps analogous to the animation survival kit yet for computers, he would greatly appreciate it. Any other brand of help or advice regarding how he should get started would also be sincerely welcomed. Thanks for your time and assistance.

Thanks all. I will get back to you with what software he is using, Ed.

digital lighting something or other is a good book
for more movies and downloads

the fastest polygon in the west!


If I were him, I'd use something straight like the Animator's Survival Kit, and just use something like the manual to find out how, in the technical sense, to accomplish the movements talked about in the animation book. Sort of like "Oh, so this one keyframe will be my passing position, eh? Well, how do I make a keyframe? *flips* Oh! Cool. Then how do I move his elbow? *flips* Aha!"

Might be methodical but also might be a decent way to learn the software, an interesting one at the very least.

Thanks, Scatteredlogical. I'll relay the tip. Also, if anyone knows good beginner software, etc., I'm sure it would be a big help to him.

good for beginners, I don't know. But free,

Scattered L is right about the Animation Survival kit being a great place to start. Animation is animation, pencil or computer it's all the same. With that said there are some books out there that are beginning 3D animation books like Digital Character Animation I and II and Character Animation in 3D; both cover all the principles of animation but with more of a 3D slant.

As for software info we need to know what software he is using. Though all 3D packages use the same concepts you need to know the ins and outs of an individual package.


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