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A question about education?

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A question about education?

I have some questions to ask:

**How important is a High School diploma in terms of gaining employment in an art related field like: Cartooning and/or Animation, Children's Book Illustration, ect, kind of job?

To any proffessionals in studios or educators of art and cartoons:
**Would you still hire someone who does not have a HS Diploma, even if their portfolio was totaly kick ass?

I have a diploma and an Associate's, but I have a friend who thinks that it is not important to have AT LEAST a diploma. This person is a really talented artist who runs her own pet caricature business, and a webcomic on the side. But she is having difficulty with finishing up the rest of her schooling and getting the diploma. She tends to use the excuse of: "I don't need a diploma, I just need a really great portfolio ..." And her artwork is really awesome - but I'm affraid that she's setting herself up for future failures by refusing to finish the classes needed to get that diploma.

I differ because I think you need AT LEAST a HS diploma (or GED) to get anywhere in almost any career field you plan to go into. And a diploma shows your accomplishment with basic schooling and makes it easier to go out and find jobs.

I sometimes wonder though - does an artist REALLY need a diploma to get by? Or could a boat load of talent make up for a lack of one? I dunno - I'm just looking into it because I'm am sure we have all had times when we wanted to give up on school and stuff and go it alone.

I tend to think of this senario:
You have 2 candidates for a cartoon job. Both have equaly great portfolios and very nice artwork. And both have more than enough artistic talent to qualify for the position. However - one has at least a High School diploma and the other does not. If I was the employer or director, manager, I would tend to choose the candidate who has the diploma. Even if the other person was equaly talented, I still think that getting and having the diploma says something and makes the person more employable.

I see a frightening trend with kids these days. They are somehow getting it into their heads that a diploma means nothing anymore so why bother getting one? It makes me mad cause I suffered through HS too, but at least I got the diploma. Please tell me it is still valueble to have at least a diploma? Maybe times have changed since I was a kid and a great portfolio IS all you need these days. I really hope that isn't the case. :confused:

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Tuam libera mentem - Free your mind

Tuam libera mentem - Free your mind

A diploma of any kind is a piece of paper.

Nothing more.
At least in the animation industry.

Okay, one SMALL concession--it establishes a standard of discipline for the holder. It says that they have undergone a program required focussed application of their time and personal faculties and attained the standards required to gain said document.

Its does NOT necessarily demonstrate that the holder has sufficient talent to gain employment in industry, that quality is usually established by the portfolio of work they present--something that can be developed OUTSIDE of a diploma program.
Some anal-type recruiters cannot recognize true talent anyway and resort to such items as documentation to establish qualifications. In such a case, a diploma gives you an edge, but only superfically. Who'd want to work for a company that screens it employees without understanding the true qualities needed for the job???

Now, all that said, very technical jobs DEMAND a diploma. Obviously some occupations do require diplomas and degrees. Animation isn't one of them--it requires demonstratable skill.

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One thing on having a diploma or degree is they show an employer that you are deterimed and have put your self through something to make your self better.
If your friend would be up for a job and someone else was up for the same job and your freind portfolio was kick ass and the other person was good that person would probley get the job.

The diploma or dergee shows in todays world that you are not a quitter.\tallart