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my first flash animation

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my first flash animation

thanks for all the advice from everyone on here i finally have finished my first flash animation and would be grateful to hear your opinion on it, and wot i can do to improve on my style and technique ...
you can find it at

Hey look at that, a fellow Newgrounds user. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one branching out.
At any rate, your first Flash animation... was great for your first Flash animation. My god, my first submission was horrible compared to that.
I can however, point out some pretty big flaws with it starting with the real lack of feeling that I got when I watched it. The animation was done well enough, but it almost seems like you got a little out of touch with time as some of the object/character movements are very akward. For instance, the microphones should be moving a LOT faster than they do if they're being thrown.
Also, that intro was unnecessarily long for what the body of your content had to offer, and I think that's a gross understatement at best.
Overall, it was decent enough to show some real promise in your ability to produce great Flash animation in the future.
My major criticism is the animation's poor handling of time (movement, speed, etc.), the disproportioned intro, and not-to-entertaining "story".
Not to say that it's horrible, but it is your first, and I think you'll improve significantly.