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2D Effects Animation - yep!

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2D Effects Animation - yep!


2d effects animation.....that's what i'm interested in :o)

I'm talkin' bubbles popping, dust/smoke effects, fire, running water - that kinda thing.

I vagually remember someone kindly posting a series of 'How to's' about this kinda thing a few months back but a search in the forums has not come up with anything.

Also, i wouldn't mind hearing your technical thoughts on what you think works best for each effect i.e. on one's, two's etc.

I noticed a lot of the smoke from the ole' Looney Tunes anims were animated on two's which is why i ask the question :o)


Here theyare....they aren't mine and I could only find some of them, and I've been lobbying Dan to put up a tutorial section. Especially for these.

There were some fire ones but I can't find them on my machine...I had a crash or two and lost a lot of stuff.

There were more and unless Larry or Dan jumps on this they are going to be lost. And that's a shame.


Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Thanks Phacker!

They be the ones i were thinking of.

Any more for any more from anyone? Even good book recommendations would be welcome.

Cheers again.