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hi all. im video567 (mike) long time lurker 3rd time poster! I was wondering and I have not found an answer to this yet. is where i could find information on making a contract for a concept artist. I have a few Ideas I need drawn , and I dont know if anything will ever come up from the project I'm working but I need to find someone who can draw my ideas. But I dont want to get sued in 30 years if i end up with something. I've always wanted to do this project i have started in highschool im in my 30's now and i see myself a little better off than I used to be. Have gotten more skills and like everyone else i have the greatest Idea in the world. I may never do anything with my project, but on a personal level. I woul dlove to see my vision on paper other than letters. I can see my world in my mind, but the drawings i make do not give it justice.

I dont know how to find a concept artist, i dont know if i do find one how much to pay, i had someone offer to do it for free, just as long as they got credit (which I know is a must) but I also dont want to get shafted later. A few years ago I created a free logo for a club and they where selling stuff with my logo and never received a penny. so I know how it feels to be thrown to the side.

If anyone could offer any advice, or direct me to the right place. I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm not trying to start an animation studio or production company. Just would like to see my thoughts in a prettier format.

Thank you for your time

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Visit my PROP page at No Contaban con mi ASTUCIA!

Visit my PROP page at

No Contaban con mi ASTUCIA!