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2D Animation Studio Requirements !!

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2D Animation Studio Requirements !!

hello everyone !!

My name is Khalid Al Dakheel and I'm about to open my own studio to produce 2D Animation for TV. I have a good exprience in animation, I made some short movies in the web, but I'm looking for a real work, so please if anyone expert or have an idea about the requirements to be able to produce professional movies, I mean .. what are the computers specifications, what kind of VGA cards and processor should I use, what software's .. Etc ..!!! I need the infos as soon as you can. Please if anyone could answer me question I'll be so thankful and I appreciate it. And you can email me at ( ) thank you so much ...and I'll be waiting.

Khalid Al Dakheel

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Animated Life

Animated Life


animation studio is a nice opportunity.
I run a studio in India. I can help you with details. Can you gimme a rough idea how many ppl u wanna hire to start ?



Iam manikanta iam planning to start a small scale 2d  animation  to studio in hyderabad with 20 members of animators, can you please provied ur valubule suggestions  in building up an studio 

Contact info  :


My pick

Hi from Spain,

I have a couple of computers, one with Flash/Photoshop/Blender (this computer should be as powerful as possible in terms of internal processors). Flash for 2D, Photoshop for 2D, 3D textures, Blender for compositing, postproduction, slight 3D. Adobe now charges a monthly fee to use its software. I find it to be a very convenient price.

Another computer is used for music. I have Cubase installed with an external soundcard attached and some instrument libraries that do the trick. Apple computers come with Garage Band installed as a default option and if you are not a music expert that software could help you create music.

Current output standard is MJPEG/H.264 full HD video 24/25/30fps 1920x1080 (until 4K becomes the standard if it does), and 48000 Khz stereo AAC sound. These specs are optimal for internet broadcasting and can be easily output with the hardware and software suggested above.

I am currently developing own animated series and 2D/3D animated commercials. Hope you find this information useful. If you want to check out my works, you can enter