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New Piston

Hey y'all.

I've been absent for nearly a week now. I was at the hospital supporting my wife through her absolutely heroic attempt at natural childbirth, which ended in C-Section only after close to 60 hours of trying the old way, wiht some labor inducing and pain management. We're thrilled to have our son, Peter Allen, at 21", 8 pounds 5 ounces, men's size 7 shoe. Okay, some hyperbole at the end there, but he does have big feet like his daddy-- one of his nicknames is McGilla because he has gorilla toes :p He's also pretty darn cute, if I do say so.

Check him out:

rupertpiston's picture
Cartoon Thunder There's a little biker in all of us...

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Hey that's fantastic! Congrats! Boys are the best by the way, I should know, I've got 3 of them! Your son is very cute!

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Congratulations Rupert on the wee fella :D that's some time that your wife went through with labour, 60 hours.

A fine size too for Peter

Best wishes to your wife and that she recovers soon, she's some lady 60 hours


Congratulations to you and your wife, Rupert, on the birth of your beautiful baby BOY! :D :D :D

a tyke in the bike

and he's got your lips from what i can see.

good news are the order of the day, methinks.
may the little one be more blessed than you, sir,
and you have been plenty blessed yourself.

Don't worry.  All shall be well.


Hey wow, congrats rupert!
I've been pretty tied up the past week my ownself but there was more than once that I wondered how things were doing in that regard. Wot a great lookin' young'un. :)

Poor Mama with the long labor, tho. She must be one tough lady! Hope she has a great recovery and some quality bonding time betwixt the three of you.

So now, is he right handed or left handed? Does he prefer top pegs or bottom? ;)

Cheers bro!