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Lots of Robots "LOR" the movie and Tutorials

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Lots of Robots "LOR" the movie and Tutorials

"LOR Volume Two" is complete and ready for your viewing pleasure.
LOR is a 3d animated creation myth feature film project being created by a single artist. I am creating the movie is short segments and showing them on my website. There is also a set of DVDs chronicling the creation of the project with animation tutorials that teach how it is all done.

"LOR Volume Two" and a newly re-mastered reprint of "LOR Volume One" are now in presales. They will be shipping on or about December 10th 2004. Please order one or two today... Order as many as you like.

It seems to have been a long two years since the release of the first LOR DVD, and I want to thank all of you who bought one and thus helped me make more animation and yet another DVD. During these two years, many great things have happened to me, I got married, moved into a new home and a new Lots of Robots studio, and with your support of my beloved LOR animation project, made another eight and half minutes of LOR.

The LOR movie is now a staggering 14minutes long and features new animation at the beginning and at the end of the piece.
On Volume Two there are new animation tutorials dealing with character rigging/animation and Afterburn/Particle Flow effects. The reprint of Volume One features new audio mixes and wider DVD player compatibility.

The new website is... well it's new, take a look for yourself:)

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Andy Murdock