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Apple : PENCIL TEST " this is nnneat

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Apple : PENCIL TEST " this is nnneat

was just hitchhiking through the internet and came across this link , this is so wonderful


About "Pencil Test"

In 1988, Apple was eager to show off the graphics power of its Macintosh II line of computers. Using a program called Super3D, a group of talented artists produced "Pencil Test," an animated short created entirely on the Macintosh. Keep in mind that QuickTime did not exist in 1988; the movie was output frame by frame to an imagesetter, and then recorded to film.[/QUOTE]

I saw this when it originally came out. DId you see that credit? "John Lasseter, Coach"? Historic. And it still holds up as a fine work of animation too.

Ok - admitting ignorance time - Why does this production need so many carpenters?

Mike Futcher -

I assume the carpenter title is tongue-in-cheek as is "whip-cracker" and "rockstars". I assume the "carpenters" are modellers and/or animators. Perhaps the low poly assembly of back then was closer to being a carpenter :).

Most the credits certainly give it that workshop feel.

I remember this from back in the day too - played in a Spike & Mike or Tournee, I think. What a difference 15 years makes - no cast shadows, very little environment. But it does hold up. Just goes to show that story and character carry the day.