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Pixar Sued????

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Pixar Sued????

you just wont believe this highly illogical move!?!? AHAHAHAHAHA :D

Simply hilarious! :D

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This is stupid!
Those eight companies should be ashamed of themselves.


IS THE ARTICLE TRUE??? are people so stupid??? i don't know whether to beleive the article or not!!! if true, i think we all should BOYCOTT all movies from the 8 studios!!!!

Come on, people. This article is obviously a farce.

You guys were kidding, right? Sure, movie executives aren't the most logically-oriented people, but no one would be stupid enough to do this.

Of course I know the article is a joke, but just the fact that the article can even be perceived as being believable is funny in itself (and says a lot about the state of the industry)! :p

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Yes, this article was a farce...

I actually work with SpaceMonkey, and here at work, we were analyzing it (it did not take long)... Look at the home page of the site... Look at the stories... They are all jokes, much like you would find on

It was pretty funny, and like Shav said... Funnier that some people actually believed it was true.

The best comment in here was the broad who said "it should be illegal to make motion pictures outside of L.A."



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