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I'm not dead - I'm just making stop motion.

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I'm not dead - I'm just making stop motion.

Hey, kids. Just to say I'm not dead.

Been away for a while to finish my master's and make my movies. I bought an analog video capture card and started my first experiments with animation objects and puppets.

There are three tests, with sound, at my personal website: (under VIDEOS)

Hope you dig it.

I'm writing my new movie now, I'll post some sketches a.s.a.p. It's about a robot who wakes up and figures out he might be the last "living" being on Earth. It's called "The Orphan" and it's a stop motion short. I must be insane.

[]s, Daniel. Missed you all.

Hi Daniel--

Great to hear from you. I really enjoyed watching your clips online. The stop motion stuff is terrific, and I enjoyed watching Tequila as well. You've got a wide array of styles and techniques at your disposal!

Keep up the great work.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Thanks, Rup! I've created two more tests, this time with plasticine. It's a lot of fun, I had a lot of trouble because the puppet was too small, but it was fun animating it anyway. Check it out:


Good stuff (first one's my favorite).

I tried to do some stop-motion back in the day… the lighting and what-not was off in every scene and the movement was wayyy too jerky... it was pretty discouraging. Thank Ra for flash.

Stop-motion animation lighting is a beach! I worked with natural light on those ones and the light looks really jerky in all of them. I did a little magic with After Effects but still it was far from decent. I'll have to get some real decent lights for my new movie.

But don't get discouraged by jerky movements. Have you ever seen the first movies Nick Park did?