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artist needed

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artist needed

I'm looking for an artist to work on the art in a computer game. This project will allow the member of the team to gain experience in game development, so you won't be paid but it will be a nice addition to your resume/folio.

About the game:

The game is a 2d platformer (like Mario Bros.) with a 3d "twist". The concept of the game is innovative. The game is in the action-adventure genre. Like most platformer there is a action side but there are also puzzles the player has to solve. Right now I have a playable prototype of the game so I can provide screenshots of the game to give you an idea of the general concept.

Note: the development platform is "Windows PC" and the target plaform is "Windows PC"

About the work to be done:

As the artist you will have to work on 1 or more of the following aspect:

- sprites: "static" objects (ex: bonus object) or animated objects (ex: the player's character). If you work on the sprites in this project you will have to be able to do 2d animation.

- tiles: the levels are made in part with tiles.

- backgrounds: these are "static" images (ex: mountains). They can have animated elements associated to them (ex: bird flying in a blue sky).

- Game Interface: general interface elements like buttons, custom mouse cursor, ect...

About the team:

Right now there are 5 persons involved in this project. 2 programmers, 2 artists and 1 musician.

For more information or if you are interested you can email me at: