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Motion Capturing in Animation Education

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Motion Capturing in Animation Education

Motion Capturing gets more and more important in the animation process, especially concerning games and oeconomic aspects.
What do you think about using motion capture technologies in the educational process of animation.
Are there any experiences with this challenge.
I am teaching in germany and we are just thinking and arguing
about, if it makes sense to include motion capturing in the educational
process of animation.

I Learnt to use a motion capture setup (Magnetc) about 4 years ago and couldn't believe the response from other companies just from the knowledge alone that i had used it, it was a serious plus on my portfolio! they didn't even care to see samples.

if you are using mocap you seriously should consider learning animation techniques (squash&stretch, wave action, overlap, follow through etc) this would mean no matter the mocap quality you have the ability to clean it to a highly usuable standard!

we currently use Gypsy ( which is an inexpensive Armiture that gives out some pretty nice motions. not great for walking but great for idles and cutscenes in games. other options are vicon, but you're looking at big money there!

you will get people who are for or against mocap on principle (like those who think film is better than animation or vice versa) but if you can get them around that then they will be worth considerable more to any company!


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