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This week, The Savannah Film Festival!

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This week, The Savannah Film Festival!


This week is the Savannah Film Festival...a SCAD presentation...

SCAD does know how to throw a party!

It opened Saturday night with an "invite only" block party and an open bar. (By the way, I don't drink)

Kathleen Turner was on hand to receive an achievement award.

Sunday night, director, Norman Jewison (Moonstruck) received his award.

Tonight we saw a film with Annette Benning and listened to Shaun Evans and up and coming co-star talk about his filmic experiences....and this is just Monday- we have until next Saturday.

Wednesday, actor, Peter O'Toole will be here to receive his award.

Every night of the week there are receptions throughout the city!

Films and workshops all day- parties at night. What a great experience for the students, professors, staff and people of Savannah! The event in it's seventh year is a complete gift! It's free to staff and students.

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