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Postman Pat's Papa has Passed On

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Postman Pat's Papa has Passed On

From BBC Online...

Wombles animator Ivor Wood dies

Acclaimed British animator Ivor Wood has died at the age of 72. Wood, a stop-motion expert, was instrumental in developing some of the most popular children's shows on TV, including Postman Pat and The Wombles.

Born to a French mother, he learnt his craft working on The Magic Roundabout with series creator Serge Danot.

He is probably best remembered for his work on the animated series Paddington with author Michael Bond. He is survived by his wife, Josiane, and son.

i can't believe no one has replied to this thread! Thats really sad! Absolute cult childrens tv programmes, Well british ones anyways, maybe the americans wouldn't udnerstand as much!

really sad to hear! Gotta love postman Pat!

Americans do understand the loss of a talent such as Ivor Wood! I posted this info over at Indietalk.

Too bad!


Sorry to hear Ivor Wood passed away- never got to meet him. He did work for children- that's a noble profession. We could use more folks directed at children - instead of South Park.