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Brad Bird and Sylvian Chomet Info

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Brad Bird and Sylvian Chomet Info

Hi guys!

In need of some help here. Just wondered if anyone out there has ANY info on Brad Bird (Iron Giant, Incredibles) and/or Sylvian Chomet (Les Triplettes Belleville, The Old Lady and the Pigeons).

The reason being I have to produce a comparitive essay on the two, and just need to find lots of sources of info. So if anyone has a good article, read an extract from a book, magazine, heard something, knows them (!) or whatever, ANYTHING would be helpful!

Also, if anyone buys Animation Magazine which has anything about them in, I would be very grateful if you could reference it or even scan it, then I'll be indebted to you for your help!



there's an article in today's new york times about brad and the incredibles. and registration there is free.

they've also done an article on chomet earlier this year/last year. i'm sure it's in their archives.

I know Chomet, but I don't think you want my information for your essay... A touch... NEGATIVE.

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

hey, alittle information on Brad Bird and the incredibles on
(skwigly animation magazine)

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If you're comparing the two, my only input is that Bird is obviously much, much, much more mainstream than Chomet. Chomet's work has more depth and nuance than Bird's. Bird's work is more accessible to mass audiences.
Both are great directors, nevertheless.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! You're information is very useful!

Wade K:

As for the negative stuff, I'd still like to hear it! It could help!

Thanks again,


I will send you a PM.... I am sure that the people on here are tired of my ranting about Chomet.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Here's animation historian Michael Barrier's take on Bird and Chomet's best movies:

And you should refer to the Rotten Tomatoes site. It'll link you to a couple hundred reviews.


Thanks for all your help guys! I dont kno what i'd do without this, everyone is sooo helpful its great! I'll always try to do the same for any of you!

Just by your info you've probably speeded up my researching by at least a week or so! And i might have never found the stuff!

Thanks again, keep it comin' if there's nemore!

Adam :D


Well thanks to everyone for all their help! I have to narrow it down to one director's film now for a critical analysis, i was thinking belleville rendezvous just because it's so different to anything else.

Or Brad Bird's 'The Iron Giant'? Hmmm....

Any suggestions welcome!

:) robin hood lol