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New Animation Studio

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New Animation Studio

I am starting an animation studio for developing and selling feature films. They will be sold through Amazon on DVD and VHS. If anyone would like to join me on my quest or has any advice, please respond via email at


What kind of movies?

What kind of animations do you plan to do? Kids, Adult or all of the above? Are you using 3D, Flash or something else? If you are using flash, I could use some advice on how to make a DVD from Flash.

I don't have a burner yet, but I could use the tips on how to make DVD from Flash. I'm actually using Toon Boom Studio, but it is very Flash like and can be exported to Flash and/or as .swf.

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i know how to make dvd's from flash but it requires a step further from flash and for most it might require you buy more software

What type of software?

What type of software are you speaking of? More importantly, how affordable is it?

its price will be apparent simply from the name

Adobe Encore DVD

it has by my experience been the absolute best in DVD production of corce you can make a simple dvd by some of the software that comes with a dvd burner NTI DVD Maker is the one that came with my DVD burner and i have to say its not half bad.

but if you dont have a dvd burner already i wouldnt sugest getting the adobe software because the drive and the software is going to run you around $225.00 usda


Thanks for the info.