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Deathfall Competition

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Deathfall Competition

Here is my entry. Tell me how I could make this better!



So this animation is perfect or horrific, NO REPLIES? Come on, I know you want to say something. Anything?

Animation is good in my opinion but I wish it was done in flash and wasn't a robot.

I agree a robot is too uninteresting and it reinforces the fear about 3D animation: robotic movement. Even on a subconscious level, you never wanna risk a connection in people's minds. Besides, there's no real reason for him to be a robot, especially when as overused as they are there are a handful of really good rigged non-robot models out there.

As far as the animation goes, I like the first few seconds of movement and the last few minus the extreme proximity of the hands to the camera. For some reason, paying attention to what he's saying, the middle section doesn't "read" all that well (to me that is). I would find a more broad way of acting out "what you do" and find a more natural way to get to the subsequent toying-with-his-own-head thing. Plus, at the end, maybe throw the hands farther back and move them in erratic fashion, to promote the idea that Hey, I Could Be The Killer, so his movements are all confused.

The choice is yours, of course, and there's not any real true problems with this as is. From a music-producer-type standpoint, looking for revisions that might help, that's my advice.

Hey guys thanks for your comments. But he is not intended to be a robot. I have never even thought of him as a robot. He is just supposed to be a low poly character that is easy to animate. He's not even skinned, just parented geometry. The idea behind this is to focus on the motion and not the model or deformation. Because I don't want to be cliche here, maybe I should change the way he looks? Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I agree, that's where the focus -should- be, and that's why I gave relevant animation feedback. But in order to -save- the focus, you might do well to find a non-anything-that-could-even-be-mistaken-for-a-robot model. On second glance he only resembles, but think about how often people pay attention to banner ads. Do you want people to cast you aside because they're judging the book by it's cover? Or worse yet not be paying attention to what you've got going because of the character look? Of course not, so that's why we're kinda saying maybe shy that out of the way -so that- people will be forced to focus on the virtuoso talents at hand =)

ScatteredLogical you have a really great point. It looks like I will be starting a new character. I really appreciate you guys pointing that out. Also thanks for the advice on my animation as well.