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Want to buy animation for babies (0-2)

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Want to buy animation for babies (0-2)

Hello all,

I am looking for two things:
A. Stocks of very simple 2D animations or footage suitable for babies, animation such as geometric shapes, bright colors, animals etc’

B. Free lancers who wish to create such animations, guidelines and scripts shall be provided. Please provide a sample of work and a proposal per hour of content.


Bob Forman

We are a team of very experienced artists who have been developing content for North American and European Market from last four years. We have completed more than 5000 Flash based cartoon animations and games. We have worked with numerous renowned companies like eUniverse, Palm, Birthday Alarm, etc... May be we could work together on your animation projects as well. We are very economical and have VOIP telephone lines to communicate with our clients. A brief company profile is attached. You can also view our showreel to get a quick idea of the quality of work we produce.

Looking forward to you in anticipation.

Kaiser Imran

A Brief Company Profile:

Experience: Over 5000 flash based cartoon animations have been developed by Web Dynamics. Thousands of unique ideas, scripts, original characters,
objects, backgrounds and storyboards have been brought to life within the
creative atmosphere of our company. We have experimented with various art
styles and are always eager to work on different and new projects.

Exposure: The requirements of our clients are fulfilled according to their cultural, religious and national backgrounds. High quality content has been produced for hundreds of small, medium and giant companies across the world.

Customer Satisfaction: Our experienced staff and distinct production methodology allow us to serve our clients with a quick turn around time.
More than 80% of our clients place repeat orders. Total Customer Satisfaction is our prime concern and we work on the projects till 100%
satisfaction is achieved.

Staff: We have a team of extremely talented and creative artists with a wide exposure in western sequential Art and cartoon animation. Their creative background and skills are scrutinized and evaluated before they are hired. They are graduates from the most prestigious art colleges of Pakistan and are highly innovative, experienced and focused.

Communication: Our staff posses a command over the English Language in communication skills; both written and verbal. A project manger is assigned to each client who takes full responsibility for the projects. Email and Instant messaging services are used for communicating with international clients. A VOIP Telephone line is present and we can be reached on a local call (For US and Canada). Fax machines are also used.

Infrastructure: We have developed an in-house web based, easy to use Management Console to automate our production process. With superb Quality Assurance Capabilities, it's a complete Resources Management program which can manage the Task Force and act as a File server. We have broadband connectivity and our 15,000 Sq Feet centrally air-conditioned premises with 24 hours power back-up support is located in the heart of the city Lahore which has two of the top most art colleges of Pakistan, ensuring the availability of new talent at any time.

Certifications: We are registered with international organizations like DNB, Square Trade and US Search. We are also registered with various government bodies of Pakistan like PSEB, EPB, LCCI.

For all your creative needs from Idea to Development

License Original Cartoon Animated Content for your Website.

would love to do my bit of contribution, have a 3 year old nephew myself and have been doing bits for him so would like to confederate :D

Hi Bob,

I had just finished a 24 animated sing along for kids. These are animated nursery rhymes. Surprisingly, I did them alone with a minimal budget. If you are interested for a similar project, please e-mail me at I am a home studio and can only accomodate one client at a time, but that would depend on the project. If it will be a long term , then perhaps I could expand.

Looking forward to do business with you.

Jo Sac
Manila, Philippines

Indian Animation Studio

Dear Sir
We are a complete media studio situated in Kolkata, with an upcoming animation wing with 30 minutes spare production capacity per month. We have both 2D and 3D expertise. At present we are looking for projects which we can execute. Since we are a complete media house and in media business for over ten years, we are in a position to offer finished animated products and certainly will offer best price. Our base price is as low as US $200 per minute for 2D digital animation. However if your length is over 2 hours, we will do it at US $10,000 per hour for 2D digital animation.
We can also finish the product by recording music and voices. It will cost US$4000 additional. We can even do the DVD authoring for you.
Our demo may be downloaded at
Debjit Biswas
CEO, Presto Studio

Web site:
Mail address:
GSM Mobile: +91-9831005663 (+5.30 GMT)

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.
debjit at prestostudio dot com