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Does anyone use poser?

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Does anyone use poser?

i am interested in animation and was wondering if anyone could give me some poser tips

yeah, a friend of mine who was working on a short (to win a little bit of time), worked on poser to save some time on character building. The characters are there, but if I remember correctly, they are hi-polys. Maybe others are not that much. I didn't work on the program yet.

U have to also be ready to face difficulty that you will overcome of course (but I am putting u in the mood:)) of taking your poser file and transfer it to work some more 3d on another program...

I am not saying that it is pure true, I am not backing this on personal experience, just what I heard on lunch break:D so if there are some poser tips out there, let our amigo know

You can spot a poser model from a mile away. They look like mannequins. I would suggest if you're going to try for the industry, looking for some modeling tutorials and starting from there. Forego the poser models....for the sake of us all.