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Corto de animacion: THE AWAKENING

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Corto de animacion: THE AWAKENING

These are the first images of the short movie we are doing right now. We'll finish it in about 2 months. I hope you'll like them. If you want to see more, check our web out

Awakening Short Finished

Hi there,

We started 6 months ago a project called THE AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Well, we are done yet and it's ready for download.

We hope you all like it and tell us what you think.

You can download it here:


If you have any problem downloading it, you can find it on Emule with this names:



me like! me love you long time!

The Brothers McLeod


Hi, there's a surprise in our web, check it out.


me love

:p The idea is really really ... great!! :p

The second part, the "video game spoof" is damn fun.
The long shoot in a cinematic way at the beginning really create the contrast. I was thinking, ok ok, that's long...what is it going to happen... , and that's for sure, that was'nt what I was expected.
Humor and parody.

Great work !

what a surprise!!
I'm getting nervous to see it!
I've seen the old work and seems great.
Must be that day? Can't be now....maybe tomorrow? :o

un saludote! :D


Hi again!! it´s been so long since I last posted here, but there´s something new in the web: you can download our demo-reels. We are now looking for a job in the united states firstly as animators, but anywhere is ok if is a good job. We´d like also hear some opinions about the reels. Thanks in advance!!

thanks man!!

thanks man!! We are really close to finish, we'll upload the movie as soon as we get the music from francois jolin, one of our collaborators.

new pics

We just uploaded some almost finished images from the short. It's almost rendered so very soon you'll be alble to download from the web. We hope you'll like them!!!

Hey, you got a style!!
The still images looks really nice.
Intersting contrast in the shape between characters, which tell about their personnality, and the shape off the character looks "animatable" in cartoon way (ala Pixar ), especially the big one.
That looks very promissing.

Love these characters and the artwork is great-
Be sure to let us know when it's finished up!

looks great!

I'd really like to see these guys in action (although, the big guy might want to vary his workout regimen a little--he's sort of over-trained his upper body compared to those getaway sticks of his ;>) --ted

Ted Nunes -

tiny legs? yes!

We'll let you know when it's finished for sure!! We are giving KAKATO as food as he can eat, so maybe he should go footing to strenght his tiny legs or something.

New picture

There it goes a new pic. We just uploaded some news to the web right now. We are on the run!

News in the web

Hi, we couldn't finish the trailer yet due to technical problems, but we have uploaded a couple of short movies we did at school. Look for them in THE MINDS section. We hope you'll like them.