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madagascar trailer

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madagascar trailer


here is the trailer to our new film:


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it's been taken down, for some reason.

[b]The trailer's not difficult to find. Just go to the Dreamworks site.

I'm happy to see what appears to be a significantly unique 3D design. And this is only the 2nd 3D feature to be set in Central Park: the first being Antz.


character design

I saw the trailer for it during Shark Tale. The character design is very...unique, to say the least. At first I thought it was ugly since it was so different from dreamworks's normal character designs. Now that I go back and think about it, the characters weren't that bad. The monkeys were especially cute. I like the hippo and the lion as well. The zebra is...different. Story wise it didn't seem spectacular, but because of the look of the characters I'll definatly be seeing it.

Blue Sky's Robots is a different story. The characters were too rusty and dingy looking for my taste. The look of Robots is very different from Ice Age. I was surprised when the guy said it was from Blue Sky. It looks more like a Dreamworks thing to me. I might see Robots just because its animation, but thats pretty much the only reason I'd go.

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Maybe it's just my humor but Robots looks pretty funny too.

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I feel just the opposite. I think the design for Madagascar is only slightly different than previous Dreamworks 3D films. It has the same look, although the characters are definitely less organic.

I think Robots looks awesome. The world looks different than anything we've seen thus far, and it looks very interesting. Plus the voice cast is great(so is the cast for Madagascar for that matter). It looks to be quite humerous as well, unlike the humor in Shark Tale which just seems annoying to me. I'll probably end up skipping ST and just waiting for The Incredibles and Polar Express this year.

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This movie looks really good. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. I really like the character designs. Well, of the animals at least, the humans look like standard PDI fare. I'm also bias since my director was the main character designer on it :D I also like the cartoon timing of the animation, along with the squash and strech they are trying. I love those penguins. They are just awsome. I'm guessing they will be popping in and out through out the whole movie. This is the only PDI/Dreamworks trailer that I've seen that actually makes me want to see the movie.

Nice work Kevan.

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My contribution to the trailer was minimal, i can assure you, but thanks!

did anyone notice the name sacha baron cohen at the end? anyone? anyone?

I agree. The penguins are pretty cool. :D

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wait! ali g is in this movie!!!!