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Question about self promotion

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Question about self promotion

Just wondering if anyone could advise on how to go about doing self promotion for freelance work. I know illustrators can use postcard mailing list services, but is there a similar resource for animators?

So far, searching on all my local and regional work websites only gets me the occasional job, is there a method to advertise or get more exposure for a specific audience or industry?

One of the best thing about our industry is that our work generally comes first than our academic qualification ...most people don't care whether you have a PhD in Animation or an eternal drop-outer.
There's a 'downside' (if you may call it so).. if your work sucks then people just don't bother...that's what I found anyway.

I'd suggest participating in forums, both locally and internationally...just put your stuff 'out there' dude. Some of the international forums I'd suggest
There are a lot of profesionals on those board (esp. gfxartist and cgtalk) but nothing is better than learning from the pro, right?
Showing your stuff to forums is quite a good way to gauge how you fare in the real life. In my own local scene (I'm in Australia btw) I send pics in a small Australian comic artists community...the people there are just damn funny and helpful. Some are like real pro with stuff that overwhelms me like anything..but it also inspires me to work harder.

Yeah so gear up your animated samples somewhere a few in the forums and (fingers crossed) people start to take note if you're good enough... I've even read some thread where some of the pros are kind enough to check some newbies or thriving artists sites.. which is great
anyways all the best