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Risk free betting !!! Brand new site and concept !!!

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Risk free betting !!! Brand new site and concept !!!

:rolleyes: 2 month ago I found this software. I used it for the first time last week for one wager and I made around 11 %.

At this moment the software is in a pre-launch phase which will end in the next few days.

This is brand new !!

It s a system that scan the bookmakers

"real time", every 30 sec.

Get your position in the Matrix and acces to your back office..

Sign up or read about it for free here ....

You may well be aware of arbitrage opportunities in the financial markets. Well, they also exist in the betting world and it is these opportunities that you can use to make money. By betting on all possible outcomes of a particular event a profit can be made regardless of the result.

When bookmakers compile their odds, it is only one man's opinion on how an event will unfold.The only thing bookmakers are sure to have in common is the percentage on their side. On many occasions, their views and odds will differ and that is why this system works. Because bookmakers' opinion on an event sometimes differ, there is the opportunity to take a guaranteed risk-free profit.

The software will automaticly link you to the bookmakers and lock your bet.

Notice that you CANNOT lose?

Is it possible to make money

Is it possible to make money from betting?

Some people bet for the

Some people bet for the feeling of winning, the adrenaline. Although many of them even manage to earn a lot of money, gambling and bookmakers are their primary sources of income. If you want to profit with a bookmaker's office, you should use well-done soft. The main advantage is your payment system. You can use the agency's payment solution to make payments and collect money online. Like you, players can fund their accounts in different ways. This makes it easier for you, and you can concentrate entirely on your betting.

Is it possible to make money

Is it possible to make money from betting?

How good is it to have a back

How good is it to have a back office if I myself develop a platform for betting and different types of betting? I already have software from and now I want to launch some new types of betting. As a gambling service provider, your company must apply for a license in your chosen jurisdiction. Besides I would not want to lose some benefits from the creator of the software for my company as I have recently set up all the trends for betting. Is it possible to document the activity without losing the set up odds so as not to change the contract with the software provider for my software platforms?