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Animating smoke, fire, explosions, water

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Animating smoke, fire, explosions, water

Does anyone know of any tutorials or formulas on how to animate fire, smoke, explosions, etc? It's pretty difficult.

I used to be in the efx departments at Warner Bros and Dreamworks and I have accumulated 2 binders full of reference and "how to's" from many features. Unfortunately I scanned in and posted images from them in the past here on the boards, but that was over a year ago, and when the boards got hacked into, they went with it.

Email me and we can talk about possibly sending you some photocopies or something:

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

That's cool. Thanks for replying.

Also, there are some brief explanations on this stuff in Tony White's The Animator's Workbook. Not terribly explanatory, but there is a bit in there. His discussion of rain is what made the most sense to me, though I haven't given it a shot yet.

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Well, I've got a pretty good tutorial on the physics of explosions and how to animate them over on my physics-for-animators site. The tutorials are at:

Hope it helps!

Awesome! Thank you so much.

Blue has uploaded many samples of just these things a couple of times, and they keep getting lost. AWN should come up with a tutorial section. I saved them, put I think the ball is in AWN's court now. Put up a tutorial section!!!

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tutorial area

Phacker's got my vote. Having an area to post tutorial links is a great idea.

Harold Whitaker's and John Halas's book "Timing for Animation" (Focal Press) has some basic information on drawing EFX animation like fire , smoke, water splashes , explosions.

Here's a review that was on AWN :

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Thanks again for all of your replies. They are all VERY helpful. Thank you

Blues examples are great if he's willing to email them to you. You should take him up on it. They are better than most of the books out there.

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