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School Books question

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School Books question

I am a BFA Computer Animation student who accidentally ordered 2 MFA books from her school bookstore: 3-D Human Modeling and Animation, 2nd Ed. and Learning Maya 6: Rendering.
My question is whether or not I should just keep these books as reference for my BFA or just sell them/return them. Are these books going to be too advanced for a 1st year BFA student to make use of? If anyone has these books or can answer my question thanks in advance.

I'd keep them you can use them at any level; don't be fooled by the where they are located on the school bookstore shelf.

Why not keep them and skim through them. Sure some of the topics and terms may seem foreign but as you learn you'll start to put connections together about what you read and what you are learning in the classroom. Then in turn you will be able to reference them again, make your work look better and move ahead of the other students that are waiting to be spoon fed every little bit of their education.


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