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Adapting a classic comic character into a script

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Adapting a classic comic character into a script

I've been told that for starting out, the best way to get into the business is to make an adaption of another's work. I'm starting to find that most of the characters that I think about have already movies in the works, some of which I didn't know about until this year.

Is there one that no one has bothered with yet? I keep an eye in the trades but somethings don't make it to the magazines.

This list should give you an idea of which properties are in development/production :


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Blackcat aka Felicia Hardy from the spiderman comics. that would be really cool although Catwoman didnt fair that well i believe that if youre a really good writer u could make it work. But i dont know see what Elecktra does 2 see if these spin-off femme fatale films really are a bomb.

What would scooby do?