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R.I.P. Frank Thomas

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R.I.P. Frank Thomas

Sad news today that Frank Thomas has passed away. I had the pleasure of hearing Frank and Ollie speak at the academy last year, it was an experience i won't soon forget. Artists of their quality are rare, and even though it is a sad day, i am glad to see Frank live a full and successful life. Fortunately for us, he will live on forever in the beautiful art that he has given the world.

Thanks Frank!



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Rest in peace've added a lot to my life and art.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Sad News


I first met Frank at a party at June Foray's house in 1984. Frank and Ollie and their wives were there. Had a chance to speak to him and Ollie - while my wife traded "animators stories" with their wives. Last time I saw him was in 1995 or 1996 at the Disneyanna convention. He and Ollie really do live next to each other in Flintridge.

Frank's contributions to animation are too numerous to list. His legacy will live on and on....

By the way he played in the Firehouse Five plus Two dixieland band.


That is very sad news. Frank put so much life and personal talent into the art form of animation. He helped make animation magical for us all. Frank will truely be missed

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

I hope he had enough time in his life to fully understand the size and importance of the whole thing.

Homage to a Master: Frank Thomas

Hello Everyone,

A very sad day as we've lost one of animation's Great Masters and Statesmen; but we can take some comfort knowing his magic lives on.

We can also be grateful he and Ollie took the time to set down so much about the Secret Ingredients of their Sorcerer's Alchemy for all us starry-eyed Sorcerer's Apprentices.

A life greatly fulfilled.

A life that greatly fulfilled the lives of us all, not just animation artists, but people everywhere, transcending culture, language and beliefs.

We'll miss his presence among us beyond words, but happily can treasure his art and vision forever.

Norman Drew
AWN Moderator

good bye Frank, thanks for your illusion of life.

very sad

man, it's been a tough year for our elders. jules engel, bill moritz (also in firehouse five) and now frank.

frank (and ollie) changed my life when i read "illusion of life", as i'm sure he has many of yours. all my best to his family and ollie.

Bill Moritz- Firehouse Five?

Hello dxv,

Was Bill in the firehouse five or do you mean Ward Kimball?


Was Bill in the firehouse five or do you mean Ward Kimball?

i mean bill.

of course i can't find anything on the net to prove it but back at school (where bill used to teach) one of my classmates bought a firehouse five album and bill was on the cover.

i think it was the one where they were walking into the ocean and bill was playing the trombone. i think.