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The Emo Thread - Sad moments of animated films

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The Emo Thread - Sad moments of animated films

What was the last time you really cried when seeying an animated movie? Or what was the one that really moved you?

I'll start with the end of Iron Giant, from the moment the missile is launched until it reaches its target... :~|

Iron Giant.

I get wistful even thinking about the ending of that movie.


"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

Ditto that!

Guess the feeling about that part of Iron Giant is the way, do you notice a certain similarity with E.T. there? Actually, I was moved even before, when the robot thinks the boy is dead. I mean, the rational part in you knows the boy must not be dead, but the robot's expresion is SO convincing...

My father cried at the end of the Tom and Jerry Movie when the house collapsed....

Takes all kinds to make a world hehe

Millenium Actress was quite tragic... so was Grave of the Fireflies.

Grave of the Fireflies.

Did you know that when Isao Takahata was a kid, the city where he lived was bombed by the allies, and he was the only survivor in the entire city?

I found that out the other day, made me think a lot.

I did not.... Wow. Talk about tragic

Well, when I was a boy, we used to have a lot of cartoons from the Soviet Union. We didn't understand a thing, becuse they were not translated, but the tempo was so slow, and the music so sad that... I... snif...
The fact that they were mostly stop-motion with a very shadowy lighting also helped. There was one supposed to be moral, about two dolls that have to build cars to race around a showroom. The careful, organized one makes a safe car and wins, and the slacker loses in a mighty crash. When he limps away in shame, it was really sad.

When Bambi's mother got shot. Dumbo was a tear jerker too.

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What was the last time you really cried when seeying an animated movie? ...............

Nowadays I cry alot on the inside when I see animated films ......but rarely to do with the story.

sad moments...

what about when the father,Mufusa, dies in The Lion King (my dad, the most unemotional, mechanical engineering, logical person had a tear for that one). Now that was sad. Or when the boy has to leave in Jungle Book (the orginal). And then there was when they left the Sabbath Tooth Tiger up for dead in Ice Age, or (once again) the baby had to leave. The list is endless.

Jungle boy

Tarzan. When Tarzan said, 'Why am I so different.....' sequence, oh I like that...

:) I would say Princess Millenium (old manga style- same as Galaxy 1999), or, as Phacker said earlier, Bambi (Even if no one could see the mother being killed, yet you could feel it, particularily when Bambi is looking/waiting to her - that's what I call a storyline - everything is in the suggestive line, subtility.)

Also, I do like the near end of Monster inc. when the little girl return in is world and the "bear" (don't remember is name) want to see her again.

My two pences :D