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Is there room for me?

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Is there room for me?

Hey everyone, new to these boards. I'm hoping to to make it into the animation industry one day. I'm a 21 year old artist currently working in the game industry. I need some tough love here. I need to know if there will be room for the likes of me. Here's a few samples of some of my work. I'de love to heare some of your feedback.


More work at

A few more samples...

hi there
cool samples..

of course there is room for you here..
actually.. i wouldsay thereis room for anybody regardless of age, religion, politocal view, race , color of hair, or toes, ...OR TALENT..

let me ask youthis...
what do you do in the game industry??

Yes, yes, there's always room for more talent!

Do you concept for games?

I really like your renditions of Wizard of Oz. The coloring and lighting on them are really nice. Keep it up and hope to see more of your work.

"i love the graph editor"
and visit me on myspace...


With work like yours, you needn't even ask that question! But if there weren't room for you, I'd surely step aside.


Kevan - Thanks! Yeah, I'm without my own computer for a week, but as soon as I get her up and running, I'm going to be piecing together a portfolio to send out. What is 3 exits south of me?
Bird[/B] Thanks so much for the cool compliment. I'm glad you liked me stuff!


Here's a newer illustration of mine. It's a rough concept for a character of mine. Aidee.

wow, the wizard interps are briliant. lovely rendering and lighitng. Wish I could do that

Great looking stuff! Love the way you use light in your work. Is it digital all the way or are there any traditional tools employed there?

I notice you're in Palo Alto- about an hour north of me. Would like to invite you to check out the San Jose chapter of Animation Coop. We'll likely meet again in October. Feel free to email me.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Thanks everyone! Glad you liked it.

I'm a graphic artist for online games. :O) I'de love to do some character design work for animation down the road.

For the Oz work, it's a mix of ink and photoshop, the avatar stuff is all photoshop.

I'de love to check out the San Jose branch of Animation Coop Rupert. I'll e'mail you later tonite! Gracias!


Jaw-droppingly stunning.


That is amazing, and I see it gets even better on your website. I think we will see alot of you if you carry on like that...

Celeste, Graphiteman......thanks! So much!


fabulous work shaun! i really like the large number of styles in your portfolio.

why don't you send your stuff just three exits south on the 101? it can't hurt.... :)

I love your Wizard concepts. Great work! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Dude i love your style, im sure u will make it far in the industry, good luck!

~Gurcharn Birdi

If one person enjoys it, it was worth all the effort :D .

~Gurcharn Birdi

Wow, your lighting has inspired me!


I love that mix between Gorillaz, Samurai Jack , manga and your own special touch with it all.Really nice work:D
And like it was said b4, very cool lighting.
The characters have so much charisma. It;s incredible, their poses are so simple and yet so expressive.
Take care

Thanks Artemis! I really appreciate the comments. Thanks so much!


Here's a new sketch.


Man, this is sooooo good!!
Stop it you're gonna give me a complex
naaaaaaah joking

I work in a different style and a whole different way, but I LOVE WHAT U R DOING:D lololol
Every time I see that kid up there, my breath stops, chou hayda???("what is this??")= too good man.,
Keep it up and when you;ll get where u wanna be give me a call and I'll buy u a bottle of champagne, and a special "arak" bottle for the occasion.