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Animated film trailer

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Animated film trailer

Hi everyone. I Just finshed my trailer and got it posted. Any constructive criticism will be highly appreciated.

Here ya go:

Thanks for all the constructive criticsm fellas. To show I was paying attention, I went back and fixed almost all the shots. I will post a a new 'improved' trailer ASAP. Oh and I took out the 'wood' from some of the animation.

The soud: Hehehe...that was a deal breaker but I have it re-recorded and it is cool now.

well, the characters look well modeled, but your animation is lacking in pretty much every shot. It's hard to tell what's going on the the trailer. I think it's a combination of your animation and your sound bytes... They sound really poorly recorded. I'd say stick to modeling and you should have no trouble finding a job. also, ditch the cel shading. It's overused anyway. Good work, keep it up.

I agree. The models look very nice, but the animation definitely needs work, and the audio levels scream at me too much. The audio should be much smoother sounding without giant leaps in volume.

As for the animation, most of the movements look wooden or stilted. Movements should be smother, overlapped, and more realistic. If you have a video camera, tape yourself doing some of the actions and watch them frame by frame. If you can't do that, find the best references for the motion that you can and try to mimic the way things move. A lot of times, having good reference footage can help immensely instead of having to rely on memory and imagination all the time.

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I didn't see the first version. Some of the shots are hard to see what's going on due to lighting or haze effects. Other shots have a good deal of emotional appeal in them.

The setting, the music, and the story interest me. I'm sure you'll keep dialing in the bumps pointed out to you by people in this forum, like alto and capel. I tend to sugarcoat things, which I've learned to do as a teacher, but crits like those guys gave are great because they always help me get closer to my goal.

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right, i watched the trailer and i was generally impressed but i didnt think u meant to do what i was impressed with...(if that makes any sense!)

for one, i am not a great fan of the 'following' 3d animation has in some respects. some people who i have came across think 'i want to do 3d animation cos it looks cool.' these people are not bothered about the IMPORTANT aspects of animation, (no matter what the medium be) and will soon be in rare demand as people are getting over the 'wow' factor that 3d once had. The important aspects are timing, narrative (story) and performance (there's loads of others but if u nail those ur not far away).

What i see in your work is a hint of that '3d ignorance' as i like to call it. But i also see a cool style coming through. that wooden animation, similar to the animation in computer games has a fun sort of individuality in it. It just needs to become consistant. I would still recommend smoothing out the animation tho, as you're action will take over the story.

Mentioning story, it seems very interesting. Maybe improve it and make it stronger still, but with great animation and better sound (the sound sucks to be fair, sorry to be harsh but it brings your work down) you could have a film to be proud of.

Hope that's useful, only trying to help!


Somebody knows what they're doing with the camera direction. Give him a Scooby Snack. Not a virtuoso, it's by the books, but at least he/she understood what they read. So to speak =) Kudos.

well i liked the whole idea if i understand it correctly... but i have to agree with everyone about the animation side which looks ok, but if you really want it to stand out, shine the most, you really have to make the animation alot tighter unltimatly its the animation that makes the short.