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mute viewing

Let's say that you had a massive dvd collection of animation, but suddenly your TV's speakers didn't work! What would you still watch, sans volume, and why. Me, the old brutal Tom and Jerry toons, although the score did compliment the comic timing of the visual gags nicely. I think they had some incredible run cycles and great comic violence.

What would I watch mute??


Something I latched on to years ago, that was later confirmed by no less than Steven Speilberg himself in a interview--was that the best way to study film is with the sound off. Sound is a distracting sensory input that can draw your focus away from studying timing, cuts, transitions and staging.
I'll often watch films and TV with no sound, but I do tend to cue on the close-captioning.


"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

ooo, this is a neat question.

...I would pick Spongebob Squarepants. I love the bright colors and it's visually stimulating, for some reason. I could stare at it for hours. Whoever does the color-coordination for that show does a wonderful job.

...I would also pick Invader ZIM just because it's fun to watch the craziness of it all. Sometimes the witiness of the show is in the words, but if you look close you can see incidental characters wearing T-shirts that say "poop" and "huh?" Now THAT'S paying attention to detail.:D

my god I love Invader Zim

and sponge bob is posin for the mind sorry but i think its pure stupidity crammed into every episode.

i do agree with the silent study ive been able to see all of my flaws in my animation when i set my headphones down and make it full screen

I agree with the fact that from a learning standpoint watching media sans volume is a great tool, but what I am really trying to find out here is what animation inspires people, story be damned. Sometimes timing, design, composition, etc. will make you want to watch something, like a moving work of art, or moving picture so to speak. I can watch, say, cowboy bebop and just look in awe at the backgrounds-the amount of time an artist must have spent on just a 2 second shot blows my mind. Do people appreciate animation as a fine art? Of course you do! But it can also be a great source of mindless entertainment! Who cares what it means or is trying to say?
And please, this thread isn't about the societal effects of cartoons, it's more about the technical aspect. So saying that spongebob is poison for the mind is not a valid arguement. To say that the colors make you want to vomit is. :D