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The Kingdom Of Heaven IS The Dreamworld (WHICH IS WITHIN).

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The Kingdom Of Heaven IS The Dreamworld (WHICH IS WITHIN).

The Kingdom Of Heaven IS The Dreamworld (WHICH IS WITHIN).

The Dreamworld (The Kingdom Of Heaven) IS WITHIN.


PAY ATTENTION to your dreams.


Yes, but don't forget it's the body which filters that spirit and anneals it into something tangible to show the rest of us what YOU'RE all about!

That reminds me a funny story.

When Marx writes "Hegel remarks somewhere that all personages and events of great importance in human history occur, as it were, twice. He forget to add -the first time as tragedy, the second as farce" he was not only predicting the rise and double expanse of the corporate-goverment (which he admits to be the "winning" force at the end of Kapital), nor was he simple crystal gazing and seeing the lesser abled son pulled on strings by his father's puppet masters over a century later. He was, in fact, admitting that his system of thought was based entirely on Hegel's notions of dialectics.

Hegel posited a system of "thesis", "antithesis" and "synthesis". Undergraduate professors for generations have misinterpreted this to read as though "thesis" PLUS "antithesis" EQUALS "synthesis".

How wrong that is.

The Hegelian Dialectic (misinterpreted today by the NWO's "problem" "reaction" "solution" i.e. "terror" "fear" "fascism") is, in truth, based on the Augustine's theology. Augustine explained the tripartite nature of the Christian god as "Father" "Son" and "Holy Ghost". The Father and Son are self evident, the Holy Ghost was the RELATION between the two.

Extracting this you have "thesis" "antithesis" and THE RELATION BETWEEN the two.

Christendom's greatest contribution the philosophy of animation.

Living in a post-Enlightenment society, however, I, personally, commas and all, must reject your notion of "Kingdom" any place that ruled -thus owned- by a King is no place for an American. Born in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, all authority comes from me the individual which I grant the government. Your "Kingdom of Heaven" is an oligarchy of which no true human spirit can belong.

May our Republic bring down all tyrannies by the bright light of its shining beacon.

I don't know what Gabriel7777's agenda may be, but he/she is speaking in metaphor and I believe the advice gleaned from the post is just to be aware and note the nuances of dreams for they may hold gems. :)


ps-Richard, when you talk of Christianity's greatest contribution being the philosophy of animation, are you refering to the belief that the body becomes infused with a soul/enlightenment, and if so, are you proposing a relationship to the art of animation and it's physical properties of movement in time and space? Interesting...

...I think this forum is losing its true intentions, especially after it got hacked. *shakes head and sighs* I'm gonna go find another forum. *Looks for forums about satanic cults & witchcraft*:rolleyes:

*Just gets an epiphany*

...GABRIEL7777 IS MORPHEUS!!!! WHOA!!! :cool:

I'm SOOOO naive, I honestly thought someone was trying to contribute something! Anyone got some swamp land they looking to unload? :D