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Business Q.

Sorry I posted this in another boeard but Im guessing this board might help me more...

What is the normal studio price for a fun pack.
Consisting of:

(characters are already designed and ready to pose/rotate)

9 character rotations;
3 facial expressions per character ;
2 body poses per character;
1 prop sheets;
1 design sheet per character;
mouth charts 1 per character);
1 coloured character per page;
1 costume sheet per character;
10 backgrounds;

How would you price these seperately or as a whole..a breakdown of an average studio price for each would be amazing.


What's a reasonable amount of time to do this job?
A week?
Two weeks?
What are the costs incurred in doing this job?
Art supplies used? Shipping? Copying? Studio Overhead?
More than one person doing the work?

Add that all up ( add about 10% for profit) and you'll get your amount to charge.

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