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Voice Changing Software

Hi there,

I am looking for software that can alter a voices. I discovered AV VCS 3.1 last night and downloaded the 14 day trial but, unfortunatly, the download was not successful and it will not allow me to try again. Has anyone used this program? If so, is it any good?

Does anyone know of some other software that can change the age and gender of a persons voice?

Thank you for any help,


I use Cubase (my girlfriend is a singer,)anyway Cubase may be more than you want but it also has several plugins that do interesting things. Also sound forge allows you to change pitch, play in reverse, and many other cool things to waste time.

Sound Forge is great, and I like using Coold Edit Pro also. It's helpful because it has a multitrack and great sound restoration features.

I hope there isn't any software that changes the age and gender of a persons voice.

That would not be a good thing for us voice actors...

You can bend the pitch of a persons voice to make them sound boomier or smaller (like Alvin and the Chipmunks).

"The dog is Cerberus, the girl Zoe, I'm Dirge"

I recently did some voice work for my own short where I needed to sound like a kid, so I spoke slowly and changed the speed, also messed with Shift Pitch and other settings in sound forge. worked fine.

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I've used this in the past, it's limited, but sometimes it comes up with what you need...and it's cheap.

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Thanks for your replies. I managed to download AV VCS Gold in the end...don't worry Geoff P Edwards it didn't do what it said on the box! Ha ha. It does kind of distort your voice and makes it sound either more male or female but it was not as successful as the reviews suggested...won't be replacing actors any time soon! :)

I managed to get my brother to do the voice in the end. I have Cool Edit Pro but I can't really get on with it.

Thanks for your help though!


Last night I tried a new thing that made me very excited. The new version of Ableton Live (4.0.1 I think) lets you use both MIDI and Audio tracks. And now the fun part: if you use a VST vocoder plugin, you can use the MIDI track as the carrier input.

In a nutshell: robotic voice, but able to sing melodically :~)

Daniel Thats cool.

I want to create a voice like that of Aknot from the Fifth Element. Listening to samples of the voice it sounds like there are several compounded audio effects working together to create the voice.

"The dog is Cerberus, the girl Zoe, I'm Dirge"

There is voice changing

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