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FLASH compression.

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FLASH compression.

Hey there..

I'm wondering if anyone out there can help me out. I've just put together a new edition of my portfolio in flash mx 2004 pro. The file itself is very heavy...over 10 meg. Trimming the sound quality down to a minimum, keeping the jpeg quality to a minimum, and eventually, after exporting in flash and quicktime. In both cases, even after zipping the file, it's still over 8 best, I've brought it down to 7 and a half meg.

Now, I need to send this portfolio around town, and I can't burn them onto a CD evertime I want someone to see it.

I've heard of a few good compressing softwares, but I haven't remembered any of them unfortunately. What's a good way to compress my file, both during the exporting from flash, and afterwards.


Did you try changing all your audio to "streaming" rather than "event" or "start"? Also importing your sounds as mp3 instead of wav saves some room. There is also a compress option in the "publish settings" of MX. It's probably there in MX 2004 as well. That's all I got...

I would just keep burning them onto a CD. If you are planing to email them to people, you run the risk of them not having the right software to view your demo. Also a lot of places have a fear of downloading attachments from strangers because of viruses. The next best thing is to get a website and upload your demo reel there and give out your web address. It's worked for me in the past.

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I'd prefer to keep my portfolio in the best quality possible and send it to less people instead of making an overcompressed one to show to the whole world.

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I was curious if you used .MOV files or tried the new .FLV format for Flash Video? I just started working in Flash MX 2004 (not the pro version) and was curious about how FLV compared to MOV in size and quality.

This is a bit of the opposite case. Can anyone tell me if it is normal that a Toon Boom Studio (Quictime NTSC uncompressed) cannot be played back normally in my PC, but stops and leaps all its 40 seconds? I thought uncompressed meant more size but less calculations for the CPU. Is it the video card (just 64mb) or should i just blame Bill Gates?