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what do you collect?

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what do you collect?

i have about 200 animated movies on video, both feature and shorts. i also collect 16mm prints of animated movies (lovin' ebay!).

my favorite piece is a 16mm print of 'crac; by frederic bac.

what do you animators have in your collection?

I recently started buying all the old 1980s GI Joes I had as a kid. I must be going through a mid life crisis already or somethin... oh well, they take me back and HEY they're an "investment"... sorta! I also have every skateboard deck I've ever owned... about 50 total.


The main things I collect are childrens' books, movies, old rare cartoons, and the occasional 16mm film print. Also the new Palisades Muppet action figures.

I love finding childrens' books that are a little bit offbeat, or that have wonderful illustration work. There are a few I'm always on the lookout for that I read as a child and are now out-of-print. For the longest time I had been looking for a series of books that Mercer Mayer did in the late 70s with Little Monster and other awesome creatures; I've been able to track down most of the ones I remember. I'm currently on the lookout for 'The Man Who Lost His Head', 'If Everybody Did' and a book about a brownie (like a male fairy) which I don't remember the title.

Also in search of 'The Muppet Movie' on 16mm!


snuff bottles. I especially like the ones that are interior painted or are carved out of unusual material. I have a fish that was carved out of a walnut. I think they are fascinating. I also collect books. I try to find first editions of my favorites all the time.

I collect movies, Ty Beanie Babies, anything German shepherd, wolf, or guinea pig (mostly stuffed animals).


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I've got about 150 beer cans from all over europe.

And I have all the beer

The Brothers McLeod

I'm a long time ( since 1985) toy-geek and action-figure collector nut.

I do the 12" and 3 3/4" GIJOES--with most brands represented in the 12" scale for me--Like 21st Century toys, Dragon models, Blue box Toys, Sideshow etc....
Good guys, bad guys, Cy girls, custom figures......all kinds of themes and characters--and loads of kitbashed figures too.
Right now my collection hovers around 420+/- 12" figures,( yea, my own private army) and around 120 smaller Joes. I have vehicles for these as well, Dune buggys, dirt bikes, helicopters, etc......takes up a LOT of space.
I also do Superhero figures, with my main focus being the amazingly articulated Marvel Legends figures, currently out now.
I've done the whole gamut in my time, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to major Matt Mason and Big Jim, to Disney toys, to Corgi cars, to Gundam mecha......just too much stuff to name.
In our former home, which we had to give up, I had the basement as a edicated toy room with shelving and display cases--the first ( and likely last time) I was ever ablle to display my entire collection in one location. Damn, I miss that room.


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mad mags and match box cars , my fav ! :D

Oh man, don't get me started! I have a decent collection of animated shows and movies ranging from 80's cartoons to Fleisher cartoons to some rare short films. (If anyone wants to trade, we should make another thread with our collections, and we can all swap shows.) I also have a pretty big toy collection. I have all of the newer Spider-Man toys (circa '94) up to wave 4, some DC toys and lot's of Spongebob stuff. I have a modest sized comic collection aswell, with the Giant Size X-Men #1 being the crown jewel. It's fun reading about all of the cool stuff people collect, cool thread! Cheers

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I collect dust.

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I Collect:

1. All ThunderCats related (toys,comics,cartoons)
2. GIJoe Comics

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My wife says I collect boogers, but I'm just saving them up for an eventual booger war...

Seriously, I have a few sets of homies (from the gumball machine), a Cornelius action figure, and a crapload of scale model toy harleys. Harley parts, I collect. Books on animation.

And several times a day I collect piles of paper, only to read them, sigh, make marks with a red pen, and pass them back...

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

........ a Cornelius action figure,...........

I have a pantless General Aldo somewhere.....

That's the wad of tattered cloth in Cornelius' hand... explains a lot!! :p

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

Since the early 80s as a student before I knew animators were supposed to like toys.

LOL! Ook-ook!:D

I collect Bruce lee stuff and old danimation books :)

I used to collect Mad magazines, until I realised most of the stuff in the lastest issues come from the old issues! I also had other comics (and a can collection) but now that I'v moved into my own place, I had to throw most of the stuff away (no space)

Some various things that I am collecting or have in the past:

[*]Rally Course World Rally Championship annuals
[*]Mystery Science Theater 3000 (it pains me now to think that I once had over 100 episodes on tape - almost half at the time, including 3 or 4 rare season 1 episodes - then threw them all away!)
[*]"Old school" video games (Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, Nintendo)
[*]Disney coffee mugs
[*]Empty hot sauce bottles
[/list]One thing I may start collecting is Choose Your Own Adventure books, I used to love those as a kid...