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My First Full length animated movie

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My First Full length animated movie

To start off
Hello, my name is Chason, i am currently an advanced art student at cave spring high. I first go into animation when a collage represenative from SCAD came to my school.

have been a low end flash animator for some time now working on web series. and ive decided to start on a movie.

The movies current name "Censorship"
it takes place 5 years from now

blunt end of it
a group, un named at this time, has made the NWO consperacy theory a reality. Due to their ruling they ahve destroyed originality and individuality. all forms of art are forbiddin and civilians are required to wear uniforms at all times.

in retaliation a few underground artists join together to destroy the NWO.

currently we have 2 people working on it myself and my good friend candyce.

i hope to have some story scetches scanned soon.