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Someone Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Someone Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy that I stumbled on this forum I've been trying my hand at motion graphics for the past 4 months and now I want to make a cartoon similiar to Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Brak Show.... what programs should I be using? I experimented with using illustrator (for vector art) then after effects (for manipulating the vectors) but this proved to be EXTREMELY difficult and showed no results

Does anyone know what programs they use to create these shows that I have mentioned... someone on another board told me I should use flash but I hardly think that flash is the program that the creators of these shows use... I've even tried mirage but found it to be more geared toward cell animation

so I have one huge question what software or combination of software do the creators use to make these shows I want my cartoon to have the same look


Yea ! the Brak Show looking soo good !
I think for the other one some parts of the background are in 3 D...
But for the line you can use traditional animation...
Or flash, or toonboom...



I've only seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force but by the looks of it I would imagine it was created with one of the following: Flash, Combustion or Toonboom.

Good luck.

I'm not sure what they use for ATHF and the Brak show, but Sealab 2021 is all done in after effects. Might or might not help ya.

Depends how much cash ya got and how much you're working on paper. For old school paper animation, I'd say Digicel Flipbook hands down.

Even if you use Toon Boom (which I do) you'll want a copy of Magpie to tighten up the lip synch. Toon Boom has a terrific automatic lip synch mapping utility, but it ain't always perfect.

then you're going to need something for "publishing". For the internet, Flash is great teamed with Toon Boom. You'll need quicktime pro (thirty measly bucks) and some kind of video application to get it to video tape.

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The show is down using After Affects and Combustion. However, they were experimenting with Flash and were planning on moving to that last I heard.

I don't think you necessarily need to use what they do if the effect can be the same. Since it's essentially limited animation with clean flat-color foreground character art, I think Flash is actually pretty fitting.

monkey jam and photoshop is all you need.

monkey jam is a free naimation tool i used it to create this download moneyjam here

if you dont have photoshop buy it(you can also buy a similar but cuh cheaper program called picture it that works just as well. i use it for my animations)

I think with how random those shows are any style will work though i think they use hand drawn animation so if you dont have a lightable youll need one.

if you need any help ask me. :D

Welcome to the Forums jdplanimator.

I actually do belive that the Brack Show is animated with After Effects, but I'm not entirely sure. I think Aqua Teen Hunger Force is traditionally animated in a limited fashion. You can get the same look buy using Flash or other similar programs like ToonBoom or Moho. Check out my demo reel on my website to see what can be done with Flash.

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I agree that the looks of the show doesn't necessarily depend on the software used. True that Flash, Moho and Toon Boom work better with vectorized graphics, but I've sometimes done stuff in a not-so cartooney effect simply by using very thin lines. Moho is great for photo-animation, even though you cannot retouch the pictures there.
:eek: AND! You must also think about what you will do with the cartoon afterwards. Flash player format would make it easier for the web (the trio I mentioned above, all render in Flash) and there's always After Effects or Combustion if you want to drop some effects afterwards...