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How did you spend the Summer?

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How did you spend the Summer?


Been on the road alot this summer. What is everyone up to these days???


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I have the gift of summer vacation as a teacher. last year I taught summer school morning and night, but this year I stayed home and worked on a cartoon I hope to have done in a few years. Next year I'll probably teach morning summer school (high school, by the way, wit' no AC) so I can buy some motor-sickle parts, but I'll still have lots o' time to work on the 'toon.

'Tanks fer askin-- gives me a chance to rehearse my answer before the kids walk in the room next week

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Well after seeing you at SCAD earlier this summer it has been non stop animation to finish this short! Almost there! Then a trip out to Los Angeles and a day down in San Diego is all the travel I can say I have done.. (not quite Europe but it will do!)

Only one and a half weeks till classes are over! YIKES! Where did the summer actually go?

I moved from beautiful alameda up to Richmond... to save rent money. There is no other reason to move to richmond.

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I spent a fantastic Summer in Portland, Oregon, interning at Vinton Studios. I learned a great deal and really want to move back up here, but I've got one quarter left at SCAD and I need to finish my thesis.

Unfortunately a few days ago I severely fractured my right elbow in a bicycle accident and have to get a metal pin installed in my arm next week. Whee.

Amazingly it was still one of the best Summers of my life, so far.


I spent my summer transferring to a new job across the hall from my old one. The pay is a dollar more an hour. Yay. But hey, at least I get my own cubicle now, so I have my art plastered all over the place along with fairies, a 'Kim Possible' doll, a Herobear doll, and a Xena chakram. Wooo-hooo!:D

Hola todos !

I was made pictures, rought , aquarelles, and "sunburn" ( bronzé in french) At Barcelona !
Since twoo weeks....
Soo great !
No i work..again :confused:


Work, work, work, study, work, band, gig, animation, work, work, famine, tooth ache, another band, work, home trouble, work work work, client is stupid, wife don't understand, ear ache, work work, dentist, work, aikido.

Spent part of it lookin' for a job, found one (two, actually...), started that, shot some video, edited said video, did some freelance Flash work, takin' a motorcycle class, about to go spend the weekend riding in the San Gabriels...

Life is good.

Welcome back Larry. Hope you are having a good summer.

As for me, just been working away animating new episodes of "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends" at Cartoon Network. As with production, it's all rush, rush, rush, but hey, I'll rest when I'm dead. :D Also did some freelance work on a couple of projects with some Disney guys. Also working on some of my own projects when I can find the time. So it's been good and busy.

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Played Multimedia Producer for a number of projects including Writing and Directing a video for a local University/College.

Really had a ton of fun with my cameras, took loads of stills this summer.

Voiced a bunch TV commercials.

Auditioned for animation Broken Saints Got a call-back! But didn't get the part :( - ( )

Voice acting high-light of the summer - Dirge in Xombie chapter 5 and I delivered it today.

I always look forward to September, I think of it as a new beginning. You know getting back at it after summer...

Cheers everybody.


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It's actually winter here in the DownUnder ... been a bit chilly lately (although it's nothing compared to your winter in the States..with snow and whatnot)

Currently working on an animated short (self-funded) as well as developing a webisodes... been in the office literally 12-hour a day most of the time and all you get is a nice looking walk cycle pencil rough! ... naahh.. it's been worth it

because of monsoons it rains in Mumbai day and night...i am enjoying the rain and making a short animation film on water. i have shown rainfall in my film also!! :)

Games, Games, Games

I became game design addicted about a year ago so this summer was mostly spent improving the quality of my games. Some samples:

My new mission is to try and convince that they cannot go another day without hiring me. :) Wish me luck!

Other than that, long-suffering boyfriend and I are moving to LA while we wait to see if our long-stay visa to France will be accepted. (Plan B in case Neopets refuses to see reason.) We'll be saying bye to dripfest Portland in about a week. I'll miss this place.

Well, in the Toronto area, we seem to have passed from Spring directly to Fall. Ah well, can't complain as I didn't have to use the airconditioner too much.

I've been going to a place called Sketch Studios on Saturdays for uninstructed life drawing, read through the entire Photoshop Bible, built my first-ever computer from scratch (very proud :D), painted my apartment, and helped my roomate move out. Nothing too exciting.

Well, after a long drought work-wise last year, I've been blessed with plenty of work this summer. Been storyboarding pretty much non-stop since late April and it looks like I'll be busy all the way into next year.
Going from $0 income to decent dollars is pretty cool.


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Well, I graduated back in June, so naturally, I've been job hunting. I got an internship to do some animation on a NASA video game trailer. In the meantime, I have been working on a lot of personal animations to better my reel... also created some characters and rigged them up for animation, which I am going to animate soon.

Other than computer stuff, I've been bowling almost every weekend, shooting hoops, watching the Olympics and visiting with good friends. Good times... :D

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Well, I graduated in May and returned to the studio where I interned last summer to do more work for them. I did that for a while, then they didn't have work for me. Then they did. Now they don't. So it was an 'as needed' type job. All the while I was still looking for a permanent job, unsuccessfully.

I also went on some trips. I visited a college friend in New Jersey for her graduation party. I also went to North Carolina for my cousin's wedding and to Georgia for an Atlanta Braves game where I got really really sunburned. I also took a trip back to my alma mater to visit my friends who are still in that area.

Then I came home and sat around on my butt a lot since I have no job. I continued to look for one. I got appointed Art Director to the Karl's Kids Program and have been doing a lot of artwork for them lately. I finally got a job interview for a paginator position (not animation, but at least it's art). Haven't heard back from them yet so I'm still searching for employment. Graduating sucks.

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I stand corrected. I have been playing Dark Age of Camelot for the past few months. I neglect sleeping, eating, washing dishes, saying hi to my boyfriend, and being on time for work. And City of Heroes is even worse, with the better graphics and all.

...These MMORPGs are the most addictive things anyone could have ever invented. They suck up hours and hours out of your day. HEEELLPP!!!! :o