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"Will Animate For Food" premieres tonite

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"Will Animate For Food" premieres tonite

hello everyone.
well, it took us a while, but we are incredibly happy to report that the first episode of our animation showcase program "Will Animate For Food" has finally been completed and will air tonite on Houston Public Access TV channel 17.
those of you living in the greater-houston area, be sure to tune in. the schedule for the houston airings are as follows:
Wednesday, 8/18/04.....8:30 pm
Saturday, 9/4/04.....11:30 am
don't forget that our show is now a contest, so log in to our forums at and vote for your favorite short. the winner will receive a very handsome prize package from one of our very generous sponsors.
we are currently awaiting the schedules from other stations in denver, los angeles, and austin, to name a few, but we will keep you posted as soon as we learn the airtimes and dates. if you would like to see "Will Animate For Food" in your city, let us know.
we would also like to give a very special thanks to all of the animators who have submitted their work. this show would NOT have gotten off the ground if not for the determined and talented individuals who made this possible. thanks also go to our sponsors and everyone else who worked on this show.
feel free email us with questions/comments at
thanks again, and keep watching the tube!

Way to go!! Congrats to you and all the program's team! It's great news for us all indies :~)

I promess I'll send my movies, I didn't forget!!

thanks a ton, daniel.
good to hear from you again. and believe me, i'm DYING to have you submit some of your work. we're always accepting....hopefully you'll have a chance to considering how busy you must be. how did the scholarship turn out? any luck?
best wishes.

I'll send then ASAP! Just one question: the PDF file about the show says "no compression" but I can't fit even one of my movies on a CD with no compression :) is it OK if I send an SVCD?

sorry it took so long to respond, daniel.
if you could email us your question at, we'll discuss it with you there. just be sure that you do have all the rights/necessary permission to use whatever images or music/sound fx you have in your animations....we're sadly having some issues where people would send us fantastic work, but we can't use it on the show because it features a copyrighted song.
talk to you soon.