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Fun retarded games

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Fun retarded games

My friend Mike and I used to make a really dumb game for when we were waiting for service at a restaurant. You had to pretend a new Hard Rock Cafe was opening up, and follow with consequent t-shirt fodder that would be adorned with the new name. The point was to make the stupidest sounding ones, from the last places on earth there would ever be a Hard Rock. For example, Hard Rock: Lower Alsace Township

Reason this is relevant now is that our second stupid game is to take book or movie titles and append "The Animated Series" to the end for the same kind of ridiculous humor. Example:

Terms of Endearment: The Animated Series....

Any other animators have ideas for continuing the riff?

Born on the Forth of July: The Animated Series
Shawshank Redemption: The Animated Series
Shindler's List: The Animated Series

Better yet make sequel titles...

Born on the Forth of July: Let the Good Times Roll
Shawshank Redemption: South of the Border
Shindler's List: Page 2

maybe not.

Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

haha Schindler's list....

"Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't."

Mr. Saturday Night: The Animated Series
Cocoon: The Animated Series

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: the Animated Series

Fahrenheit 911: Animated and on Fiiiayyyy!
All documentaries should be animated.
All live-action flashbacks should be animated.

I keep finding it odd how I'll try and think of some ridiculous movie and then think "bwahaha, what funny this will be!" and how it turns out to be a decent idea for a show.

What a strange effect of such a stupid cause lol

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All documentaries should be

All documentaries should be animated!!!

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I have nothing against

I have nothing against gambling games, but I really don't want any retarded games, please. Do do you think you can find smart ones for me please? I'd like to read about them somewhere.

And what is smart for you?

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