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Shrek2: animated or motioncapture

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Shrek2: animated or motioncapture

Hi all,
I just have a very small question about Shrek 2. Can anyone tell me if it is animated or motioncaptured. Some animated bits seem to be a litlle stiff. It would be nice if there are any making of articles on the web to read more about the production process.

thanks in advance,

I agree with the stiffiness, I don't think it was motion-captured. Anyone who walks like that needs physical therapy.

...But Polar Express, isn't that another Screamworks film? I remember before this forum was hacked and we had to start over, we had a huge thread on Polar Express, debating on motion capture and stuff. Anyone gonna go see Polar Express? Not me. How can they turn a 20-some page children's book into a 2-hour movie? Didn't work for Jumanji...Chris Van Allsburg needs to stop selling his stories to movie studios. They were better as childrens' books.

Shrek 2 was animated.. polar express is a sony pictures imageworks film.

Shrek 2 was definitely not motion capture... although I also saw the stiffness you speak of.

cybercyst, i thought Polar Express was done by Warner Bros? anyways, I am not so sure about the movie either... I think I might just wait for rent...

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Polar Express is indeed, a WB/Castle Rock release. Imageworks did the animation.

You know, I would go see this in the theater, but I'll be plucking out my eyes that day.

Not only is the Abhorant Hanks in it, but the animation looks terrible, the sets uninspired, the plot insipid. Seeing it will only serve to depress me.

Although the team has an impressive pedigree.

There actually was some motion capture in Shrek 2, in fact there was a guy listed in the credits as in charge of it. But I suspect it was just for reference and the animation was heavily key-tweaked.

actually, there was NO mocap in shrek 2. it was all hand keyframed. from scratch. 100%.