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Rare Tim Burton's shorts

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Rare Tim Burton's shorts

Hi, i'm trying to find the really rares Tim Burton's shorts; like

The Island of Doctor Agor
Stalk of the Celery Monster

and Also :
Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp (TV)
Hansel and Gretel (TV)
The Jar (TV; in Alfred Hitchcock Presents)
Conversations with Vincent (documentary, don't know if it has been released)

Thank you to give me any information you got about all that !

ya know, I had no idea these even existed, but now I'm fascinated...

I couldn't find anything on those shorts gordie, but I stumbled upon a nifty little website called the Tim Burton Collective I thought you'd enjoy. :)

Thanks !
But i know it ;)

I know that Aladdin is available on amazon; and the Jar seems to be foundable too.
For the others; it seems that LUAU is owned only by about 20 persons; on bad VHS.. but i'm still looking at it !

Hmmm...I've never heard of these either but now I really want to see them! I love Tim Burton's work, he has a great style!

This thread has reminded me of might sound a bit weird...when I was younger I recorded a film off of TV, which I watched the next day. The video had carried on recording and had taped a freaky little animation. I only saw a small amount of it because I must have been about 8 years old and got quite scared by it. It looked like Tim Burton's work but it may have been someone elses. This is what I remember:

It was a creepy little model animation, featuring a young boy who walked up lots of stairs to his bedroom (I think it was in a tower). He went to bed and a crow came in, through the window, and pecked out him eyes. That's when I decided it was time to stop watching!
Anyone know this animation?

looks like somebody's working through a tim burton filmography :D

Man, after I saw ƒmile Cohl's movies, I believe in ANYTHING... keep searching and you'll find anything!!!

I also found Guy Debord's movie on eMule! Shit, I love the internet!!! Have I ever mentioned it???

Yes i'm still searching !
I write to anybody :D
But i'm sure there are no one of those films on the internet, i've all tryed.
I have ever written to about 15 persons, but no one reply me for the moment.

"Keep courage" :D

I also found Guy Debord's movie on eMule! Shit, I love the internet!!! Have I ever mentioned it???

Oh man, I agree...I mean, I remember back in school, when we used to have to research in books and newspapers, and do all sorts of stuff to find what we it's 'tappa tappa' (hit enter) and ZING! You got your stuff. What a great age we live in. Soon all we will have to do is think of what we want, and it will materialize in our hands. Heh.

Amy, i think the short you're remembering is Sandman, by Paul Berry

"THE SANDMAN (Paul Berry, UK). Detailed period sets, atmospheric lighting and fluid three-dimensional model animation tell the ultimately gruesome tale of a late-night visit by the birdlike Sandman to a young boy sleeping fitfully in his attic bed."


Saw "Luau" on the list of shorts...that movie is a trip. It looks like such a horrible, horrible bit, but it's got some hilarious lines. ("Look what you did! Now the volcano is erupting." Dunno where you could find it unless one of the ppl who was in it is giving copies, though.


Thanks Ender!

Yeah, that sounds like the animation I saw! Thanks for helping me find had been bugging me for years...I really thought it must have been Tim Burton's work. I'll have to try to get hold of it! I'm sure it isn't as frightening as I remember! I think I was 7 when I saw it.

its still pretty freaky, even at 24 :)

Ha ha. Ok, I'm only 22 so maybe I'll leave it for a couple of years! lol

And if someone got a copy............
Please tell me !


I'm looking for Luau from years.... I'm from Italy and here it's never been trasmitted on tv!! Is there anyone who could send me a copy?? Of course I will pay it.... Please help me!! That's my mail: