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Best animated short movie ever.

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Best animated short movie ever.

Hi !
I'm trying to make my "cartoon knowledge" growing; so I would like to know which are your favorites animated shorts movies; since all times !


mine has got to be The Runaway Brain. I love Andreas Deja's Mickey, he's really gummy. This short showed Mickey in a way the studio never dares to take him, as basically an edgy monster. It's nice to see this kind of animation with Mickey.

In no particular order:

Book Revue (by Bob Clampatt c. 1946)
Magical Maestro (by Tex Avery c. 1952)
Rabbit of Seville (by Chuck Jones c. 1950)
What's Opera, Doc? (by Chuck Jones c. 1957)
The Three Little Bops (by Friz Freleng c. 1957)
The Daffy Doc (by Bob Clampett c. 1938)
Feed the Kitty (by Chuck Jones c. 1952)
Bad Luck Blackie (by Tex Avery c. 1949)
Falling Hare (by Bob Clampett c. 1943)
The Blitz Wolf (by Tex Avery c. 1942)
All 3 of Bob Clampett's Tweety cartoons (A Tale of Two Kitties c. 1942, Birdy and the Beast c. 1944, A Gruesome Twosome c. 1945)
All This and Rabbit Stew (by Tex Avery c. 1941)
Martian Through Georgia (by Chuck Jones c. 1962)
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (by Bob Clampett c. 1946)
Kitty Kornered (by Bob Clampett c. 1946)
Baby Bottleneck (by Bob Clampett c. 1946)
Hillbilly Hare (by Robert McKimson c. 1950)
Scrap Happy Daffy (by Frank Tashlin c. 1943)
Tabasco Road (by Robert McKimson c. 1957)
Birds Anonymous (by Friz Freleng c. 1957)
Tweetie Pie (by Friz Freleng c. 1947)
Red Hot Riding Hood (by Tex Avery c. 1943)
Symphony in Slang (by Tex Avery c. 1951)
One Froggy Evening (by Chuck Jones c. 1955)
Plop Goes the Weasel (by Robert McKimson c. 1953)
Bully For Bugs (by Chuck Jones c. 1953)
Operation: Rabbit (by Chuck Jones c. 1952)

Oh, were we only supposed to mention 1? :o

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For me the best animated short has to be the lamp by John Lasseter (Pixar logo) its amazing how he gave a simple desk object such life and charecter

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In no particular order...

Like Warner Brothers much? ;)

here's one that DEFINITELY needs a mention: Ant Pasted (by Friz freleng c. 1953)

On the surface, it looks like just a story about Elmer Fudd fighting ants. However, it is actually a very subversive attack upon Joe McCarthy and his Un-American Activities Committee crap. The next time anyone on this board gets a chance to watch it, do so and see what I mean. :D

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You can also read the first 18 pages of my next book for free at this link: The Hap Hap Happy Happenstance of Fanny Punongtiti

I'd like to edit this thread and publish on Animation World Maga

This is a great thread. I am fortunate enough to get to see tons of short films every year, both at my office and at the festivals I travel to. There are plenty of films that aren't very good, but there are always gems in every bunch. I can't say what my favorites are, though I really enjoy many of the films that have already been mentioned.

I'd like to wait a couple days for more people to respond and then edit this thread into an article to put into the magazine.

What do you think?

I will mention this - One of the best shorts I've seen in the last couple years - "Munro" by Gene Deitch, which won the Oscar for best animated short in 1960 (I think, may have been 61), about a 4 year old boy who is drafted into the US Army. It is as brutally funny and topical today as the day it first screened.


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My Favorites

Here are my favorites:

The Band Concert - Disney short

What Opera Doc? Chuck Jones classic

Moonbird - by John and Faith Hubley

The Monk and the Fish - Michael Dudok DeWitt

Crac - Frederick Back

Peace on Earth - MGM - Hugh Harman/Rudolph Ising

Your Face - Bill Pympton


i say publish it


good idea. do it.

I'm going to second

Rabbit of Seville
One Froggy Evening (Absolutely pun intended considering how it ends hehe)
What's Opera, Doc?
The Birds

Balance by Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein

50 Percent Grey by Ruairi Robinson.

Hugh Harman's "Peace on Earth".

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'Night on a Bald Mountain' by Alexandre Alexeief and Claire Parker, 'Le Planete Sauvage' by Rene Laloux, and 'The Hand' by Jiri Trnka. :)

Sorry, forgot you asked for shorts, but The Savage Planet is a great film, especially if you're interested in history of techniques!

"Screenplay" by John Knowles
"Feed the Kitty" by Chuck Jones
"Sandman" by Paul Berry
"Vincent" by Tim Burton
"For the Birds" by Ralph Eggelston

Vincent is classic. And I'm not even biased because I share the name.

and to think it was a student film!

early 1940s Looney Tunes by Bob Clampett

The Savage Planet is a great film, especially if you're interested in history of techniques!

Yes ! But i didn't liked it :D Very slow :D
Perhaps should I watch it again, i've seen it when I was about 15....

Didn't like The Savage Planet?

That's cool, everyone likes different things! :) I thought you might be interested in the technique they used (which seems to be very time-consuming). I believe they pencil tested the whole film first, than painted the character cels and cut them out, so it was a combination of cut-out and traditional animation.


Hi ! Gordie !

Hello everyone !

I think My best long Movie for the design was sleeping beauty...

The Vilain is so great , the background too...

I love All the shorts from Chuck jones...

And i can't decide ... ok .. "BEEP BEEP" the first Road Runner i think...

I think "Fast and Furry-ous" was the first.
"Beep Beep" was second. :D

ho! haha! gaurd! turn! parry! dodge! spin!

some of my favorite animated shorts are:

"magical maestro" directed by tex avery. wonderfully timed gags with great music.

"feed the kitty" directed by chuck jones. so many hilarious facial expressions done by the master.

"robin hood daffy" directed by chuck jones. "yoiks, and away!!!"

"the great piggy bank robbery" directed by bob clampett. absolutely hilarious, always makes me laugh.

and of course "duck amuck" by good ol' chuck jones.

One Froggy EVening, hands down.

I like Pixar's 'For the Birds.' I love the little birds on the telephone wire; they don't even have to talk. The character designs are so cute!

I also agree with 'Feed the Kitty;' my favorite Looney Toons short by far. I was so glad it was on the Golden Collection.

One Froggy EVening, hands down.

i just bought a 16mm print of that on ebay.

but i'll say "the man who planted trees" as the best short.

The old lady and the pidgeons of Sylvain Chomet :)

An early cg short that still entertains me is "Gas Planet." It's very silly but the timing is wonderful and it's proves you can say it all with the eyes.


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I always liked "The Chubbchubbs!" directed by Eric Armstrong. Funny stuff... :D

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