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Job hunting in London

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Job hunting in London

Hi everyone,

I'm currently living in London and after freelancing didn't quite work out as I'd liked I'm now looking for more permanent work within London.

I'm a 3D artist with a computer animation degree and modelling & animation experience in the games industry but would like to move into TV/film other media as a charater animator but I'm finding it hard to find jobs other than reading through the latest job listings on there are very few I can apply for), I downloaded the directory but the amount of companies on there is overwhelming and I don't know most of them.

Are there any other related job sites around or agencies that I can contact to find animation work in the London? I'm sure ther are jobs out there but I'm struggling to find them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me on this.

Not sure if you also frequent the forum at Animation Nation, but there's a British guy who posts there often who appears to be fairly well connected. Some time ago he was mentioning a few jobs that were popping up in England and Scotland.

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Don't bother with AN if you're a 3D guy.

Check out the job boards at CGTalk, CG-Char, Highend3D and Vfx Pro


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there's never been a better time for 3D jobs in london, but it's doubtful that you'll land an animation position right off. usually the 3D facilities start you off doing something else and you work your way up to that sort of thing, since the animation roles are in great demand.

good luck in the search!