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What is the best Scanner???

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What is the best Scanner???

Hi everybody,

What is the best scanner, i can buy for 2d animation???can anybody suggest??THX for ur reply....

Best Scanner

Yes, I'd appreciate this information too.

There are a lot of variables. What OS are you using and what size paper?

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Low Cost Scanner

I'm really peeved, I just wrote a two page explination of my set up and when I hit post it said I was not signed in (which on another page it said I was still) and ate my info.

So, long story short, look into the HP 3015 if you want an ADF that will scan drawings on 8.5x11

I bought and HP earlier on it worked great until a couple of Windows updates totally sunk it. I was a USB model and I was using Win 98 at that time. Had to invest in a cheap reconditioned Paperport to do my business from then on because HP didn't continue to support the model I bought. But the old cheap PaperPort continues to work. So make sure these guys will continue to support your model.

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Thx guys...

First i had HP in my mind,than Canon,than Benq, so i lost my way :confused: :) ...Anyway i m working on win2000 pro... paper size???...mmmm i still don't know maybe just HP is good??...Anyway thx for reply...and i hope this question will be useful for u Bird16...Cheers

I would never buy a HP scanner anymore.
My old hp scanner had a lot of problems communicating with my PC, the software chrashed a lot and was really slow.
I have an epson perfection 4870 photo now. In fact it's a scanner for photoscans, but the animation scans I already made are really good and fast. Of course I'm sure there are much faster scanners, but I think it's the best buy if you want to combine quality, possibilities and speed. IMO even the cheaper models of epson have a much better image quality than the hp-models.

Thanks for asking Raminator! The info does help. I'm working on Win98 (yes, I know-egad) and 8 1/2 x 11 standard paper, but I'd like to scan cels which are densely colored-any suggestions? Thanks again! :) Bird


Personnaly I prefer ESPON, driver allows to change white point color balance. So when you scan a drawing you can adjust perfectly the background to white.


I'm using a Mustek 1200, and don't think you really need anything with more resolution than 800dpi. Too much, and you get the grain of the paper. It has survived from win98 to XP, and my taking it apart. I must admit though, that I wouldn't mind if it were bit faster. :D

Thx to all...

i finally bought an 1670 epson...1600 dpi...and it is a good scanner anyway fast,good quality and hard...thx again for ur answers... :)

I agree HP sucks with respect to connectivity !

I have always used HP scanners and they've always been SCSI scanners. Bigtime sucky :p
But the scan quality was great !

GIVE ME COAL !! and I shall scrape you a cave drawing !!! :eek: